Monday, March 29, 2010

Sabbat Remasters

I was introduced to Sabbat as a teen when my friend gave me an old cassette of their debut, "History of a Time To Come", from a collection of tapes his father had. At that point in my life, I thought nothing could sound more evil than this band, and played this poor old cassette until it was no longer serviceable. In the times since, I have hunted down original issues of the three compact discs this band produced during their short life span, and bought the remasters for the first two albums - the only ones of any real importance - when they came out. My first impression is still holds true for the most part, and even though I have heard things much more evil than this band since, I still think there is no finer Thrash band to come from Britain thus far, and that this group inspired an entire scene of Occult and Pagan metal, ranging from Black Metal to Death Metal. Take these two albums for a spin yourself, and be the judge.
History Of A Time To Come - 1988
Dreamweaver (Reflections of Our Yesterdays) - 1989

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hydra Vein Remasters

I present something that I doubt you will find in any other blog site: Digitally remastered versions of both proper Hydra Vein albums. With these comes a short story. A long time a go a friend of mine named Gene Cook offered to rip an LP by a band named Hydra Vein, citing that "this shit is too rare for CD", and that he thought it would be up my alley, so to speak. Well, I lost contact with him shortly after that, but the name stuck with me until some five years later when I would see the same album appear as a vinyl rip available for download at a blog I frequently visit called "A Reasonable Guide To Horrible Noise". Later I happened upon the second LP that I didn't know existed at another blog site called "Lockjaw". In both cases, the rips were excellent and I had no complaints, but then something happened... They were digitally remastered and re-released onto one CD. I love the sound of a nice clean LP, but there is something about a good remaster done with love and care by engineers whom love the source material that is equally attractive. Many corporate remaster CDs released are lifeless and dull, with just the treble jacked up, the bass neglected, and the tape hiss filtered out to add a false "crispness", but that's not the case here. Like with good band-approved re-issues, these sound close to the production of the analog originals, with enhanced digital clarity, but with one caveat: the cymbals on the debut album sound weird in almost a lossy way similar to 128mp3 (but not that bad). This is hard to believe because these are 320kbps mp3 conversions from original wav files taken from CD. Maybe they were recorded that way all along, but the static found on LPs as you approach the end of a side's playback may have masked it from me on the analog rips I have. Another possibility is that the remastering process may have used a digital noise reduction that accidentally filtered out some of the desired audible frequencies, in a similar fashion to the amateur use of the program "Audacity". Additionally, there are some signs that the original master tapes have decayed, as there are some places where the sound fades or drops out completely in one channel or another during playback, and is most noticeable with headphones. None of these problems apply to the remastered versions of the tracks comprising the second LP. Taken for what it is, it is still a vast improvement to having no re-issue at all. Either way, enjoy these rare Thrash treasures and judge this anomaly for yourself. Here are the links to the first and second album, in that order.
Rather Death Than False of Faith - 1988
After The Dream - 1989

Monday, March 15, 2010

Self Promoting

Why hello boys and girls, guys and gals. Charu here, the person who no one knows about except for a few, with a random message in all it's glory. So I'm going to self promote myself right now and say I have a stream that I do periodically.

You can do so here.

I stream things of the random nature, mostly video game related. I apologize if the stream gets boring since I know it's very hard to entertain people who are just watching me play video games and commentate.

It can also be watched on the forums in this here topic.

Likewise it can be watched from this very blog on this page.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Work in progress...

I'm still in the process of properly skinning the blog, and uploading some goodies for dispersal amongst those brave or curious enough to wander here. Please hold fast, as I am simultaneously updating the forums as well. Once things are rolling, You should see some things worth coming here for, like the ultimate question to the ultimate answer for life, the universe, and everything (which is still 42). PS: I decided to use a pre-fab skin instead of trying to code because: 1) I'm rusty at HTML and quite lazy 2)the forum is still my main concern and this is just a cover page for that and 3)who has time for crap like custom skins anyway? I got a family and job to upkeep people! Gosh!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Introduction to the Tower

Welcome friends and newcomers! This is a blogspot that will mirror the functions of the likewise named forum I and my friends manage. It is place that will be of interest only to those whom share an interest in Heavy Metal, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Gaming, Cinema, Literature and other related topics. Sometimes there will be links to content, and sometimes just posted opinions about whatever seems relevant at the time. For more interaction on said topics plus many more, visit my forum and join it's community. You'll be glad you did, and we are always looking to meet new people there!! Enjoy!!!