Saturday, April 17, 2010

Come see the Forums!

I've seen a few metal forums that were either bloated and too complicated, or not comprehensive or relevant enough to keep my interest. I also saw too many forums bogged down in the immature drama of their own moronic members. Thus, i set out a few years back to create a simple, easy-to-navigate forum of my own, that was organized and open enough for members to feel like it was partly their own as well. With the help of my friends, I put together the place and regularly update it with content vintage and new, but never seem to attract enough people with the interest to visit it regularly, as many in the past have been either obsessed with something else, self-absorbed, or just plain lazy. This is where all of you come in. As I and my dedicated team spend much more time in the forums than we do in the blog itself, I encourage everyone to visit there for more topics, more music, more videos, and well, more everything. You can be a part of the community there and even post your own content, whether it is simply embedding your own playlists and YouTube videos or posting links to downloads you have uploaded to any number of media sharing sites. Help us make this place even more exciting and relevant, or just enjoy what's here and place your feedback. If you like what you see, then get your friends to join. The link to the UNFATHOMED TOWER FORUMS is right next to the main body of the blog itself, at the top of the links list. Or, you can just click here instead: THE UNFATHOMED TOWER FORUMS