Thursday, September 9, 2010


An interesting Thrash/Speed Metal band from Germany, these guys arrived with their debut during the peak of the scene and were probably not the most well-remembered German act simply because they had such stiff competition from other periods acts like Destruction, Sodom, Kreator, Assassin, Deathrow, and many others. Formed mostly by former members of Black Jack Co. (Reiner Kruse, Ralph Maunert, and Frank Tiesing). After the first two records, they would recruit future Enola Gay guitarist "Rainer Rage" in place of their original axe-slinger, and release a third, before finally folding in the early 90's. They did start a fourth record that was abandoned, and it's tracks are included as bonuses on the re-issue of "Mistreated", but that's been all the output they've had since. The first album, "Satan's Defloration Incorporated" was fairly cut-n-dry Thrash; with the second album, "Sign of the Wicked" being much-improved in terms of melody and variety of songwriting. They had become stronger musicians up until "Rainer Rage" became lead guitar player, which shifted their direction more towards Speed Metal than all-out Thrash by the time of "Mistreated". At this point, the over-crowded scene and the emergence of new alternative music styles may or may not have had something to do with their demise, but like so many acts blooming in the late 80's, they didn't make it far into the next decade. Hear for yourself below.
S.D.I. "Satan's Defloration Incorporated" 1986
S.D.I.: "Sign of he Wicked" 1987
S.D.I. "Mistreated" 1989 (With bonus tracks from unfinished fourth album)


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I just checked and can't find having any of these albums in my downloads.

I don't really remember hearing of this band in the 1980s,but I might have seen an album review once in Metal Forces.

Zealot Crusader said...

You're welcome. I haven't done anything in a while, but life can get busy like that. I'm sure I'll up something else soon, but what is anybody's guess.